Lessons From My Worst Trade Of The Year

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It all happened during a live http://tim.ly/sykesmc webinar so you Trading Challenge students DEFINITELY watch the archived webinar, I escaped with only a small loss, but the risk I took was substantial…I’m glad several students executed this trade better than I did!


More Peace says:

that his platform, stockstotrade.com. it's awsome. great video mr. Sykes. thx

Al Vaili says:

Thanks for sharing this champ

PANU E.E.S says:

Examining a bad trade is the best way to learn.

Raybo sflorida says:

should have never sold ,,,all weed stocks recover ,,some faster than others but look at all & we still have till 11/8

Max Payne says:

Keep it up, your videos helped me much to get started into this, thank you. Very helpful soul. Also an inspirational story, how you multiplied your money in just a few years, while also having much work and stress from studying. Would love to participate in one of your seminars and so on, but sadly you charge so much and i still need money to invest in something when i go from papermoney to real money lel. :P

DUBGaming says:

What if you don't have 5,000 to put into an account Tim.. is it possible to start smaller? Or do you have to start with 1,000+ to be successful.

Thomassive says:

your worst trade yet you cut losses so intelligently, a true guru

Suzanne Marie Clinton says:

Thanks so much for this.

quagmire444 says:

Thanks for the vid tim. I learned a tough lesson the other day and lost 200 dollars on a 1000 dollar account on a trade where I got greedy and didn't cut losses quick enough. Thankfully I earned it back with some smart trading.

I bought into CGRW at 2.80 and am hoping it can bounce back from its dip. CANN and some other cannabis stocks that have been heavily uptrending for the last month or two all had moments where they dipped by a dollar or 2, and recovered to their previous price and even broke highs within the next day or two. I'm hoping thats the case with CGRW.

Zackary Rao says:

with penny stocks do you look more at them with just a candle stick chart and try to understand the repeated patterns from that more so then the companies financial statements as with most buy and hold stocks or do you find that your best penny stock buys are ones of strong financial condition ?

Ron Nicholas says:

It takes a lot to do videos like this and OWN it. Especially when you're the supposed to be this maestro trader like a lot of others but in reality, showing how easy it is to make mistakes shows a lot of humility and care for your students success and I'm you're still at it helping full time job smart phone traders (I know) learn from mistakes and grow profitable enough to live and enjoy life. Thanks Tim!

Martin Gavrilov says:

Tim I don't mean pressure you or anything, but cant wait for you to upload the short side of the SSS to the trader checklist. Currently I use the SSS on every trade and when i go short i simply consider and grade higher the opposite factors of going long like for example, a failed resistance break or a failed red-green action. Am i on the right track here? Thanks again!

justin foster says:

This SEC tick-pilot program is BS.

Raphael Carvalho says:

Amazing loss to learn!

future Programmer says:

what trading platform do you use? thx

Ryan Hudson says:

Tim, how long do you recommend paper trading? I'm going to start out with a very small account. I can't afford to lose and refuse to settle being one of the dumb traders you have made so much money off of!

aaron brooks says:

so double bottoms typically lead to gains? or not as usual

Kris Danielson says:

What do you think about center point they seem to have shorts for every think at vision and etc although some are hard to borrow and ya gotta pay 0.05 per share?

jrod123 says:

this is probably a terrible rookie question but if a stock is down why don't you just wait it out and sale it when it spikes back up, you can sell whenever you want

carlug03 says:

you went too greedy great lessons

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