Lessons From The 2 Hottest Penny Stocks

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Following up on yesterday’s video lesson here http://tim.ly/simplesykes you can learn a ton from today’s 2 top penny stocks…learn to adapt to patterns that work more often than now! Also watch http://tim.ly/twtrscan to learn how to scan for these kinda of stocks efficiently using http://stockstotrade.com


SmiGuy says:

i will adapt

yourik van beek says:

love these daily lessons

Toby Mayers says:

I will adapt

Andrew Jessamy says:

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Tradin2017 says:


Wannabe HockeyPRO says:

5:356:47 is where the true inspiration comes in ?

mpho nonyane says:

Haha …and again!

kenny planter says:

and againnnnnn

Cool Jack says:

I will adapt ???

Abdul Rafiqi says:

I was playing the video at speed of 2x and I wished I had 4x after so many agains ..:D

Philippe Abitbol says:

And again, and again, and again , and again, and again, and…. again and again and again and agaaaaiin! And again and again and again! You killed it!
PS : I will adapt

Christopher Charles says:

I will adapt.

Thomassive says:

i laughed a lot when you kept repeating again

Sergiu Ivasiutic says:

I will adapt…Again, and again, and again…

Daniel Burnashev says:

I will adapt! Cause this will happen again and again and again….

manstacad says:

man I think your high Lolo

manstacad says:

Lol lol and again. and again. Dwl wtf

Harrison Mcclendon says:

I will Adapt

Martin Gavrilov says:

i will adapt

Juan Castaneda says:

I will adapt

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