Lessons From Today’s Hottest Penny Stock Action

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Another incredible day for students, so this is your LAST chance to save 35-70% off at http://tim.ly/sykessale NO MORE EXTENSIONS AFTER TODAY…but I feel bad that some of you are not prepared to take advantage of these patterns, you MUST study ahead of time


marcos h says:

can anyone send me a like to his official website

wilmer cruz says:

RVP @ 1 Dollar now? the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a district court judgment that had previously awarded Retractable Technologies, Inc. (NYSE MKT: RVP) (“RTI”) $340 million in antitrust damages from Becton, Dickinson and Company (“BD”)
Full Time Employees: 134 ….Market Cap 30.84M 3 days low

Alex Diaz says:

Hey Tim im new to your channel and to trading stocks. im curious how do you know when a stock is going to go up like where do you get your information from?

Trevor Peitzman says:

Hey Tim! What's the best platform for a budding 16yr old trader?

Ali Kerai says:

Tim, what are you using to look at those chart patterns in this video? I'm a new pennystocking silver subscriber. I'm asking cause that doesn't look like stockstotrade

Roger Cobbs says:

tim when you bought NVCN around $1.89 and did you get concern how sluggish it was going up it was slow mover I thought my word it was facing a wall to get moving up and kept hitting a wall

ProRockJK says:

I made 500 with ETRM today ??

NeverFail Gaming says:

I want to start trading but need 10k since i'm outside the US and Suretrader could easily be a scam no matter what people like arick russel think should i take out a loan? or slowly make enough money to open 1?

Carman Singh says:

Tim I just wanted to study the other DVDs before I got into trader checklist because a lot of it I didn't understand. I guess I'll finish it and keep notes aside for reference and everything will make more sense after I study more.

Jonathan Ananthakrishnan says:

so i was wondéing is the course the "pennystocking" on profily.or is there something else. thank u

Jonathan Ananthakrishnan says:

Hi,how r u,heard about the millionaire challenge. I have been seeing tim skyes video for about a year now maybe. so i thought when i turn 18 next year i could learn from tim.so can anyone tell me what the course actually offers. thank u

Bon Jovy says:

I feel like a live market video would help us a lot more.

Tristan MacInnes says:

I'm 14 and I trade during school and study very hard . I'm getting bad grades but I hope I learn now so I can do better when it counts , but you always have to learn

Brandon Pree says:

Great f'n video lesson!!

Keith D'Mello (ChickenTrader) says:

Thanks Tim. Edumacation pays off.

Tommy says:

Are you ever going to have these DVDs all available for free on youtube? I feel if more people who at first cant afford DVDs that cost hundreds of dollars had access to them there would be more millionaire students. I know you have a lot of free resources already but it seems like these are the most informative since you are profiting from them.

ItssTroyy says:

whats a good online broker for starting with a $500 account ?

Raphael Carvalho says:

Great lesson… again.
You don't even need a pre workout…. just make video lessons for us.

Alex inCOLORADO says:

I listen to you Tim. keep the videos going. I appreciate your patience and time. fuck those downers!!!

Wesley Hatfield says:

Hey Tim, what software do you use to buy/sell stocks. Still a rookie and following all your videos.

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