Lessons On The NYSE, Earnings Winners And My Affiliate Program

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Read http://tim.ly/tsearnings to learn more about earnings winners and see http://profit.ly/affiliate to see more about my affiliate program…the misinformation and rumors being spread about both topics are disgusting and sad…the truth always prevails


morgan tebbutt says:

hello tim, im from south africa and have applied for your challenge and hopfully get accepted as i am really keen and inspired to do well and put in the hard work. i am only 18 and hope one day you come down to south africa to give a seminar or speech to inspire others just like you have inspired me. ive always been interested in the stock market and trading but have never known how to start but i came across you the other day on you tube and i think i have find what i am looking for. thank you very much tim!!

Micah Rutter says:

Tim, you should post your idea's on a website called TradingView. I think you would get a lot of attention on that website and think you should start posting charts


There should be traders live competition

ali saad says:

Hi Tim, I am new to trading and I want to know which one of your dvd's/programs I should buy first. Please respond.

Gilbert Serna III says:

What are the huge gaps between the candlesticks on the charts?

IronMan Trader says:

Nice videos

Rene Mauricio Bermudez says:

Tim, I seen LGCY as a gainer on Yahoo finance, I traded it on 10/27/16 and it didn't seem to go anywhere. Did I miss the date and if so, how can I get it right?

Jerry Nwokorie says:

Tim why can't I view the video :(((

chris chambers says:

Im glad you addressed this Tim, your absolutely right. Since when is it against the law to make money. Affiliates are a great way to grow your business and make money, its a shame that people say these things to influence people a certain way

davidb693 says:

Does Etrade non pro give you L'2? if not who does

Tyrone Biggs says:

Fuck the haters tim! thanks for all your help!

Ross says:

it was good that you explained your affiliate involvement coz that exact video shows a very bad picture of you

Tony Ziyad says:

Awesome job Tim thanks for all the knowledge!!!!!!!!!!

Chantilly Dreams says:

Tim All you have to do is stop trading

iRecordRandomVids says:

"Because I'm a little bitch" I'm dying xD xD thanks for the vid Tim

Ricky Ribeiro says:

Tim I defiantly wanna get started trading stocks I am a 19 year broke college student. I am a Business Administration major and I will minor is Finance, what do you think of the app RobinHood? there is no sell fee like TDAmeritrade but you can not fully day trade. I have come across a couple of youtube videos slandering youre name but thats gonna happen when you're winning lol. love the videos cant wait for more!

Robert Arends says:

Hey Tim, I was looking into chart patterns and candlestick patterns and it looked like hey are really reliable indicators of a stocks price action especially on OTCBB like Tim Gritanni said. I was wondering if technicals and patterns were relevant in penny stocks and if so, which DVD do you cover them in. Thanks, I'm back to studying

TheLouisMotivational says:

Timothy, you are good man and people are jealous of your success keep on pushing and I love learning from you.

mirsad cesko says:

Tim, how come you're not using the new ETrade charting? Or maybe you don't like it? To me it's much better and smoother than old one.

NightOwl Gaming says:

Tim, do you think your own penny stock class and Tim Grittani's class offer just as much potential as college if not more (considering one puts in the work)?

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