Listen To Rob’s Thoughts Leading Into the Holiday Trading Week | Rob Hoffman Trader

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Close In this video: We did close out the week with what we call a Hoffman fade where we have a big up bar and a tighter second bar that leads to a pull back or a slight uptick in price and then a full-fledged. You can see that even right over here we even had that (on my charts at 2:50). Typically what’s happening in situations like those the markets typically pull back (here was the first one right here at 2:59) and now we’ve got another one of those. Again, typically you see we’re at very high levels from the stochastic perspective here and what should happen is that this market should go ahead and start coming back. As we look at some of the other stock index futures what should be happening is that these markets go ahead and come back. You can see they are overdone. In the short term we are looking for a pullback or RTM (Reversion to the Mean). You’ll see it pretty consistently amongst the different instruments that they are pretty overcooked. The problem with the holiday trade is that it’s kind of a free for all. Some of the rules of the market are bendable and just outright defiable when you don’t have that normal full blown two-sided institutional participation. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just take a look at the daily volumes and see how they drop off often around the holidays. – See more at:

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