LIVE ACCOUNT: Scanning Gaps For The Open and Trading Live!

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This is how you log into a LIVE ACCOUNT. It takes me 5-10 minutes to create my pre-market gap list…from that list 80-90% of all my trades are taken. You don’t need to sit around for 7-8 hours a day. Get in front of your PC at 9am, scan for gaps and be finished by 9:15…then put a favorites list together. At the market open take 2-4 trades in 30 minutes, be done by 10am and enjoy your day! This is REAL trading, not the BS LIES that you are seeing else where! Join me on June 2nd and 3rd for PTS live on line. Email:

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haha says:

Why not just double click the % header or VOL TOT header and they all line up without need to go so far down the list

Peter Schiffer says:

May I ask why you are using TS as platform and brokerage ? I'm asking because I coming from futures trading and I'm used to use DOM (what is the Matrix in TS) to place and manage trades. Hell I can not switch to the common stock trading platform. But maybe I should… I asking myself maybe I should work more on it and get it to be able/free to choose any broker out there. So far I'm on SIM to get my PlayBook working. I asking myself how good is TS as platform and brokerage to DAYtrade stocks. I could not find much about. I checked your videos 1 year back and there is no dedicated video about. I only found some mentions like in "How you can Trade Other People's Money" from 14.03.2016 May I ask for some thoughts about TS as platform and their brokerage. Maybe if you find some time a video ?

Peter Schiffer says:

I use also TS and I'm wondering you are using $ Loser/Gainers to find gaps ? If you scroll down you will find "Gap Up…" and "Gap Down…" scans. In my opinion the "…Losers…" and "…Gainers…" scans are not the same or not scans for gaps ?!

Peter Schiffer says:

May I also suggest following: I several videos I watched the backround music (sorry I assume it should be backround) is louder then your voice. I would really love you change it or leave any backround music off if this makes too much work. TIA

Peter Schiffer says:

Hello, at 5:15 you say "$BUD is an ADR. I don't trade ADRs" but you checked $BABA which is also and ADR or not ?

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