Live Class in Hindi – Option Strategies

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We will talk about
1) Basics of Option Strategies – Payoffs, max loss, max profit
2) How to trade Options Strategies
3)Which option strategy to trade when – How to enter and exit
4) Calls, Puts, Call Spreads, and Put Spreads
5) Effect of IV and time value decay
6) Use of delta to bet size


Ashwini Khanna says:

Is there is sensibul mobile app ?

Ashwini Khanna says:

I'm seeing this again after seeing the English version. Good revision.
Slowly it's drilling down in our heads how spreads are better than naked option.

punu jena says:

Good one.. iv ke upper ek detail video banayi ye

Kashif Akhtar says:

In case of bullish view, Sell put spread has more chances of profits than Buy call spread.
Likewise in case of bearish view, DOES Sell call spread have more chances of profit than Buy Put spread ?

Kashif Akhtar says:

Excellent !!! I have been studying options since more than a year through diff. youtube videos & also ICICI course. Nobody gives such detailed explanations of Greeks.

chanu khandelwal says:

nicely explained .. huge efforts. good

srikanth royal says:

Wonderful sir. Please make Short videos each single strategy. Like calendar spread, bull call spread, double calendar spread etc. So if want to know any 1 strategy. But has to see full 1 hour video. Any way thanks wonderful presentation

saikatdg says:

Plz make a video on practical usage of stoploss for option…. How to apply them in sensibull app. Sply where to apply i.e on the premium or underlying….

शैलेश आज़ाद says:

बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद श्रीमान।।।।

Ajay M says:

हिंदी में class के लिए धन्यवाद?

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