Live Crude Oil Day Trading November 14th 2017

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Live Crude Oil Day Trading November 14th 2017:

Plus 71 ticks on one trade today … more importantly … enough profit on the trading day to move on to the funded account after I get my 10 trading days in now.

Woo hoo! Yes, I know it is a small victory, but you still should celebrate the small victories, because there is more than enough trouble in this world and trading.

Good Trading,

Dave Knight

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Bill 777 says:

It's easy to get burned, and burned out. I'm on the opportunity side of the glass is only half empty and I get to have the opportunity to fill it.
If it was already full what would the challenge be?
Unfortunately most day traders go from the glass is full, and they are very successful at emptying the glass.
David, another great video!

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