Live Crude Oil Trading – My Strategy live demonstration – TARGET HIT!!

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Live Crude Oil Trading – My Strategy live demonstration – TARGET HIT!!


Crudeoil Intraday Strategy And Trick

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pankaj sharma says:

On 16th according to the idea it should be buy and it doesn't work

APLE SEB says:

Please let me know why did you multiply with 0.67? What is the reason behind it?


what are the brokerage charges in Astha.please let me know

satish thopte says:

For wed and thusday

satish thopte says:

sir on wen and thursday

ishwar adargunchi says:

this didnt work on 13/1/2017….for 16/1/2017 trade….

Ananda “PAB” says:

Hi Darshan, sounds good strategy , but what is the stop loss to be place? Please guide.

Ashok S says:

check the trade on 16 Jan. it did not work I think. pls check and revert

vettri me says:

Wat is the SL ?

Sajjad Hossain says:

How many trade in a day i can trade using your formula. please.

Akshay Pawar says:

sir want to open account in some good broker giving good exposure .how to contact you

Nandkishor Sawant says:

Please suggest where to keep stoploss if anything go wrong?


entry time.please

Shibin Kannan says:

plss contact me…give ur number

satish thopte says:

[high+low+close]x0.67-high is this u r formula

Lohith ashwa says:

Please how to calculate the buy or sell price

Sajjad Hossain says:

sir, can i use it forex market. please.

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