[LIVE] Day Trading | $210 in 11 Seconds (I Love The Stock Market!)

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The stock market is awesome! For those people that learn how to make money in the stock market, the rewards can be amazing. To be fair, the life of a day trader is not always a life of making money as there can be many struggles and frustrations; however, to those that are passionate and work hard, the rewards can be great. How so? Well, let me show you a stock trade I made today that helped me make, literally, $210 in only 11 seconds. I realize that sounds like it’s impossible and too good to be true, but you’ll see if you are using the proper day trading stock strategy, you can make it happen. If you are someone who wants to make extra money with a side hustle and create another stream of income for yourself, please consider using the stock market. I’m very confident that you’ll fall in love with it just as I have!

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guitartricky says:

Love this: 1:18

Alex Petrut says:

You trade cfd ?

QQ says:

Can I ask why you don’t stick to exclusively low float stocks. I always been told you need to trade low floats… but it never worked out for me. The “pops” are too fast for me to capture, but trading large-cap you are competing against computers. Any thoughts?

Nelly David says:

Thanks I am learning a lot!

Ryan Crosby says:

What platform is this? It looks nice for these style trades I like td for options but not for this style of trading

matthew buick says:

On your paid subscription, do you live trade often?

D’Andre Nelson says:

That Boy sound like a Robot 🤖!


Freedom of time is the best you can get from that stock market

G Bear says:

Can anyone tell my what his platform/broker screen is? Also do they offer paper trading accounts ? TIA 📈📈🚀

Oscar Romero says:

The stock market is only pofitable to does who trade with the right approach and strategies. As an inexperienced trader, I used to rely on YouTube videos and I lost trades. I later realized the problems with self-schooling in something as risky as this. I made my breakout after a colleague at work introduced me to a professional trader that trades for her, Mr Luka Godfrey. Investing with him is one of the best choices i have made yet since i decided to try out this trading thing. With his winning strategies, I have been able to make the most of the market. He's reachable through email. His address is
(Lukagodfrey60@gmailcom) contact him for help.

Giulio says:

Hey Clay, it would be cool to see a video from the actual situation in the USA economy (FED printing, finance vs real,..) from your point of view. thanks 🙂

Perkis_Power says:

Nice work, and nice jab at RC, haha.

Michael Bertoni says:

Congrats!! I made 216 in 8 minutes. Thanks to your videos I was out at 938 am. Vxrt as well.

XxdartvaderxX says:

0:38 "a situtaion where there aren't any trades" wahahahaha (i havent even watched the full video yet also we traded the same stock twice this week!)

Saif Emranslc says:

What platform you're using?

Todd Reynolds says:

Love checking your vids out. Always useful info.

Todd Reynolds says:

Ive learned. Buy hot pre or extended. Sell hot pre or extended. If you buy pre or extended dont walk away and leave it.

Kevin Erster says:

Are you a millionaire?

Anubis says:

Shorting GPS was free money today

Braulio Hashimoto says:

Took a 13% profit as well! Not a greedy savage!

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