Live Day Trading $3,800 Profit Short Selling $BNSO Penny Stock Trading

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Tycoon Trading says:

Great video!

Charles Kuck says:

This ( )is becoming the part of everyone’s life and it is solely because of the reason that it has the ability to fulfil the needs of anyone involved with binary option trading by giving the comfort of working all by itself and giving results at the same time. You’ll be really surprised to know that it is also free which makes it even more attractive for someone struggling with binary option trading.

Jay Fowler says:

Which program are you using to track and perform exchanges?

BuddhaChunk says:

Which program are you using to track and perform exchanges?

Tellermatic says:

If you dont mind, can you also breakdown with an example the commissions and fees of suretrader per trades? thank you!

Tellermatic says:

I still don't get the concept of shorting in the suretrader platform… Can you provide a quick example ? or can you tell me if I am correct here…:

If XYZ is at 3.15 now and I would like to short, I would short it at market price (3.15) and then I'll wait until let's say I want to buy it back at 2.95 so I can set a limit to buy those again at 2.95?

Martin Major says:

What do you think would be a decent minimal capital for a beginner to start with ?

Simon Gauvin says:

Where should I start to understand your strategy?

Zev Schtroks says:

Great video. Question. I noticed you use market orders, and you really messed up your average especially with the huge spreads on this one. Just curious to hear your take. Thanks.

Alex Feliciano says:

great timing the last 4k shares when the buyers stepped in and near the closing bell.

XxdartvaderxX says:

Nice trade im getting ready to setup a new account to start short selling some penny stocks (stocks around5-1dollars .50 and below is it possible to do that? thanks! great trade

Jonathan Ananthakrishnan says:

Hi, Nice trade bro, I just have an question think you could help me out, So is it that you can short and buy even after a 10 to 20 minutes,, or is there a time limit like binary optioons trading.

Алексей Ким says:

how can you put a market order of 4000 shares in such a thin stock and not to squeeze it?

guilleboza says:

Will, how did you do on Friday 11/25/16? Did you catch NAVB, HTBX, IDSA, or CTRP? Your live trading video was available on Youtube with only 30 minutes left until the closing of the market and had no sound. I'm now watching for the gap-close strategy as well as gravestone and dragonfly doji candles. Thanks for your teaching!

Mark jackson says:

can you use gap up tech during day trading?

Baz Trading says:

Nice timing man. I played this long towards the very end of the day once it started spiking from shorts getting squeezed/ covering.

nahme ahme says:

Nice trade man

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