[LIVE] Day Trading | $665 in 12 Minutes (How I Make Money Online)

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If you consider yourself a side hustler and someone looking to make money online for extra streams of income, you need to consider learning how to day trade! Yes, day trading stocks online takes dedication and passion; however, as you will see in the video, it can be a very fast way to make money online. I will be the first to admit that becoming a day trader and having success at it will not be for everyone; but, if you are willing to work hard and put in the required effort and dedication, there is a whole lot of upside potential to make money. Treat the stock market with respect, learn how to day trade with viable strategies and systems, and you could very well create a nice source of online income all while working from home.

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KaliFornia Dashcamer says:

Buying 100k in shares and only make 600 bucks is that correct?

mazhar iqbal says:

So you are trading about $100k each time correct?

Joshua James says:

So are you buying/shorting $100k everytime you buy 1000 shares?

La Gom says:

amazing people out here trade small moves like this for a living…

Paulius Jarasunas says:

600 dolars in profit ofc… Trading with over 100k capital.

Michael Chambers says:

Clay what platform do you trade from???

Kaptain says:

What Brokerage is this?

wicks502 says:

Nice. What are your thoughts on cutting losses? I was looking at this and thinking that I would have cut them when you were nearing the -500 mark. If you're confident in the target price, will you tend to hang on to it no matter the losses?

SuperRoy713 says:

Option trading?

Eric Hughes says:

can you please show us a trade where you actually clear 2% on any equity. instead of scalping 50 cents on 100k positions.

Terry Hemingway says:

That brown dude in the ads showing us “cold hard cash” is so fucking dumb. He claims all the trader gurus don’t know shit. Then what are you? A guru of gurus?? If you tell me not to believe someone like yourself what else am I to do then Press skip? I get he has ad space but he needs to use it wisely and not trash talk himself lmaoo. At the very least

Renaissance Man says:

next video… losing $ 1330 in 6 minutes

Jay Morrison says:

Thank You for Sharing!

zahid habib says:

Which platform do you use

Kehali K says:

Can you lose more money than you initially invested? Say you are using a CDF account and you are at -$X£ for a good year, do you have to just close all the accounts or pay back that money?

I used a demo account and whenever I close something the money just came back, is it supposed to do that or is that just a demo effect.

Turbo Trader Pro says:

Great video and excellent analysis

domingo patty says:

Very risky trades, you can still win. Each one wins the strategy, but I pass, that is not the type of strategy that I like.

Josh Forrester says:

So you put in $100K at risk to make $660? Not a negative comment, just trying to understand the trade, strategy, etc. You were shorting TGT, so I guess technically you had a stop above entry to limit you're loss to "x". I think it is likely difficult for most people to put $100K into play to hit $600.

xxx s says:

Are you using 1min candles?

K A Reddy says:

Why you are not watching market (spy) simultaneously ? Is it not required to guide overall trend ?

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