Live Day Trading Crude Oil Futures Thursday 3-16-2017

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This is a video of a live day trade taken in the Crude Oil futures market on Thursday 3-16-2017.
The Crude has been in a strong interday down auction during the last several trading sessions.
The market opened much higher and formed higher values shifting our bias to up.
Today the market opened slightly higher but was controlled by sellers for most of the day.
Once the selling had exhausted itself a long trade opportunity presented itself. As a result the market was bought when the DayTrade TheMarkets software had structually prven it.
The trade was weighted higher than average because it was in the direction of the interday auction.
Two entries were executed, one on a pullback and one on a break out.
After the fills the market paused but then had a powerful burst higher.
Half of the position and was exited with a 10 tick profit.
A fourth of the position was exited with a 20 tick profit.
The final 2 contracts were exited with a stop order for a 13 tick profit.
Net result on the 8 contract trade was a 106 tick profit.


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