Live Day Trading Emini S&P 500 futures 11-4-2016

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This is a video of a live day trade taken in the emini S&P futures market on Friday 11-4-2016.

The market has been in a down auction for the last several days.
The RTH open was just above yesterday’s low.
The first dip did not take out yesterday’s low but a short time later the market did.
That probe lower was quickly rejected and the market then rallied some 15 points.
The market stalled just below the resistance in the 2095 area and then got back into seller control.
This shift in dominance allowed for a short trade when buying was rejected.
The market moved 6.5 points in our favor after only taking a half point of heat.
The trade was exited with a limit order for half the postion at plus 2.00 points.
The second half of the position was split in half with one fourth of the position exited with a limit order at plus 4 points.
The final one fourth of the position was exited with a buy stop order at plus 3.5 points.
Net result was plus 11.5 points on the 4 contract trade.

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