Live Day Trading Emini S&P 500 futures 5-19-2017- daytradethemarkets – day trade the markets

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This is a video of a live day trade in the emini S&P futures market on Friday May-19-2017.

The emini S&P had a big down day on Wednesday which moved through two recent small buying gaps and tested into a third very large buying gap. That selling continued yesterday as it probed just a few ticks below the large buying gap low before bouncing. The open today was right at the last swing high from late yesterday. It quickly moved above yesterday’s high with conviction, ie both speed and aggression.

The long trade was entered immediately after that moved higher was tested with our most aggressive selling bar that failed. The trade moved quickly in our direction for a maximum of 9 points. The 4 contract trade was exited at plus 3 points for 2 contracts and plus 6 points for the last 2 contracts with a stop order. Net result on the trade was an 18 point profit or $900.

Noteworthy points on this trade was the conviction of the break out high from the box consolidation and the entry immediately after that using the rejection of aggressive selling. The “day trade the markets” software was used for trade entry location and for the trade management utilizing an auction based market logic and the recurring box formation.


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