Live Day Trading Emini S&P 500 futures on Friday 1-6-2017

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This is a video of a live day trade in the emini S&P futures market on Friday 1-6-2017.
There was a bullish reaction after the employment news was released early today.
Once the regular trading hours started the marke had a dip to test the late support formed yesterday.
That selling was very aggressive and had no follow through.
Once the market had confirmed that the aggressive selling was exhausted a long trade was entered.
Four contracts were bought at 2265.50.
The market took a 1 point dip but then recommenced its strong rally.
The trade was managed in two ways.
The first was exited at the first two resistance areas with limit orders.
As a result 2 contracts were sold to exit with a 2 points profit per contract.
An additional contract was then sold at the next resistance area for a 4 point profit.
The final contract had its stop adjusted 4 times using the “day trade the markets” software and was eventually exited with a 8.50 points profit.
Net result on the 4 contract trade was a 16.50 points profit.


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