Live Day Trading Emini S&P 500 futures Tuesday 12-13-2016

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This is a video of a live day trade in the emini S&P futures market on Tuesday 12-13-2016.
There was another strong opening in the regular trading hours today.ok
Yesterday’s high acted as support as the market rallied once again.
The pullback mid-session to test the low of the day did not make a new low.
There was aggression as the market tested the low of the day.
Once that sell off was erased the buyers took charge which is when a long trade was entered.
The entry was at 2262.00 with the first objective at 2264.50.
The market only moved against the position 3 ticks.
The first half of the position was filled at the first objective with a limit order.
The second half of the position was managed using the ‘day trade the markets’ software.
The second half of the postition was exited with a stop order at 2266.25.
Net result on the trade was 6.75 points for the 2 contracts.


Live Forex Trading says:

good trade ,
what broker are you using for eminis ?

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