Live Day Trading Emini S&P and Crude Oil Thursday 11-17-2016

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This is a video of a live day trade taken in the emini S&P futures market on Thursday 11-17-2016
Right after the open the market rallied above yesterdeay’s value and also above the recent resistance barrier at 2178.50.
There was a pullback where a buy limit order was not filled even though it hit the price to the tick.
The bounce right after that forced a hgiher entry by 6 ticks.
The market moved higher and a sell limit was placed and filled for the first of the two contracts for a 2 point profit.
The second contract was exited with a sell stop order for a 2 tick loss.
Net result on the trade was a profit of 6 ticks.

The description below is for a live trade in the Crude futures market taken on Thursday 11-17-2016

The Crude market has been in an up trend for the past three day.
Today’s open was above yesterday’s value.
There was an early dip that was rejected that offered a long trade.
The order to enter was after aggressive buying was established.
A buy limit order was placed for 2 contracts at a price halfway back of the aggressive buying bar.
The trade quickly moved in our favor and was exited for a 15 tick profit for the first contract.
The second contract was exited with a sell stop order for a 1 tick profit.
The next result was a 16 tick profit total for the two contracts. Site:


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