Live Day Trading emini S&P and Nasdaq Friday 5-5-2017- daytradethemarkets – day trade the markets

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Both the emini S&P and the emini Nasdaq had been consolidating for several days.
There were hogher gap opens in both of these markets so the plan became on of identifying a rejection of lower prices as the markets tested down into support.
Both trade were made after the market had rejected a test into their previous day’s value.
The NQ trade was held for some 3 hours as its 2nd half position was not stopped out.
The ES had to be re-entered as its first trade had its 2nd half position stopped out at break even.

So this is a video of the second trade for the day in the ES and for the longer held trade already in progress in the NQ.

Knowing going into the trade and explained with the use of the market profiles, one of our possible anticipated moves there was a nice late buying spike which we were able to capture.

The trade resulted in a net profit of 9.75 points in the ES and 42.50 points in the NQ.


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