Live Day Trading emini S&P Thursday 6-29-2017- daytradethemarkets

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The market had been consolidating for a few days so when the early regular trading hours had very aggressive selling, with follow through it offered an excellent trading opportunity. The opportunity was exceptionally good as the recent consolidation (box formation over th elast 3 days) is an excellent startnig point for a vertical move.

The trade was exited in three stages. The first exit, for half the position, was at a profit of 5 points and the second exit was also with a limit order for a 10 point profit. The final exit was with a stop order for a 8.50 points profit. The Day Trade The Markets sofware was used to manage the trade as several adjustments were made on the protective buy stop order as the market continued to sell off. This allowed us to stay in the market even though the bounces on the way down came within a couple of ticks of our stops.

The 4 contract trade resulted in a net profit of 28.50 points ($1,250). Site:


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