Live Day Trading ES S&P Emini Futures (+$2,000)

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Today i traded one of my favorite setups, only occurs 1-2 a week. Today i got the setup during FOMC. I managed the risk by having my stops and targets in place. I had my trading platform on another screen so you will not see it during this video but i posted a screen shot of my P&L.

Anyone interested in my training videos and learning my setups, please feel free to reach me at


lance pheng says:

is trading futures equally difficult as trading stocks intra day? Thanks 🙂

Steve Chen says:

hi, do you mind to share how do you determine your entry point?

Cappy Pommie says:

Nice … I see you went 2:1 on this trade but worked out good.

Angel Cruz says:

What do you mean by flmc?

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