Live Day Trading ES S&P Emini Futures (+$300)

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This is my first live day trading video where i trade the S&P Emini Futures. The trade that i take in this video lasted almost 3 hours so i did my best to edit the video to about 30mins in length. I would appreciate any feedback or comments for this video and if you have any questions please feel free to ask and i’ll do my best to reply. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching


Alan Mourgues says:

Hi man… can you explain why you trade the 1000 tick chart? Not a 5min, or 1min? Also, what's your trade entry point selection based on? Trendlines, pivots, what? Look at any oscillator at all? Thanks!

Tim Fletcher says:

You were within 1 tick of getting your profit objective on 2nd contract. Why did you stay in trade for so long after that and risk all that profit for 1 just one more tick?

James Williams says:

Kool. Thx 4 the Post.

mujakic22 says:

What was your cost basis on those 2'contracts ? I.e. How much purchasing power did you use

Badrul Hussain says:

is it possible to swing trade the ES S&P Futures ?

Jaime's Day Trading Channel says:

Great video man! Simple and to the point, not hiding anything and not hyping anything. Futures is the way to go. Mini S&P the best by far! Keep it going bro! Cheers!

Nathaniel White says:

not trading anymore?

Moacir Silva says:

best trading video so far.very good.

Caydi Doll says:

Nice! Going to go watch all your videos. Great info and talk through.

jacohn16 says:

Thanks for sharing! I'm curious. what kind of Win Rates do you have with your scalping strategy? And what's your approach at handling back to back loses?

cruisegerl says:

Just found this video in my hunt for genuine e-mini traders. Subscribed.

Burrows Investment Group, LLC says:

Good video man. Very transparent. I'm interested in looking at your fractal indicator. Email is Thanks in advance.

John Doe says:

Sat through the whole thing. Didn't blink. Thanks for sharing.

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