Live Day Trading Gold Futures 1-3-2017

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This is a video of a live day trade taken in the Gold futures market on Tuesday 1-3-2017.
During the previous trading session on Friday the market had rallied up to within a few ticks of the 1161.6 resistance barrier.
This was a strong barrier that had held for some time.
Today the market broke above with aggressive conviction.
As a result a long trade was taken at that barrier for half the position and near where the aggressive buying had started for the other half.
Half of the position was exited with a 30 tick profit for 2 of the 4 contracts with a limit order.
The other half of the position was exited with a stop order for a 4 tick profit for each of the remaining 2 contracts.
The net result of the trade was 68 ticks.


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