[LIVE] Day Trading | Losing $1,100 on My First Trade (day trader life…)

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When you learn how to day trade stocks, you open up an enormous number of opportunities to make money online. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of pictures on social media of day traders living a very luxurious lifestyle. You can absolutely make money by being a day trader and trading stocks online; however, there is also the less glamorous part: losing money. If you want to have success as a day trader and make consistent money over extended periods of time, risk management is a skill that must be learned and implemented in your day trading strategy. As you’ll see, the first stock trade I made ended up losing me money… but, there was still time left in the day. How did I do afterwards? Let’s see what happens as I keep my strategy in motion and trade the stocks that I believe will help me make money.

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Kuza says:

Does Lightspeed Trader have instant settlement on Buying Power with a Margin Account? Also, do you prefer Fees per Share or per Trade? Thanks in advance.

Hanna Drill says:

What is this program you are using?

SBLC 2015 says:

Do you find it less risky to short?

Jay says:

And there are professional card players who do well in Vegas. The vast majority of people lose money with frequent trading. Doesn't matter if you day or swing trade. You will lose and walk away in disgust. Why are there so many systems? Because theses teaching pros make more money selling their system than they do trading. Ultimately this is all about making educated GUESSES – but you are still guessing. So keep your guessing portfolio small and stick to long-term investing.

caemeroon says:

Red trades suck but learning from them is important. I had 4 red days in Jan but 17 green days. I personally really try to analyze my red days so I don't do it twice. Enjoy your videos keep em coming.

mzevinx says:

FIVE trading.
You started out thinking FIVE would go down. Is that because it dropped 20% overnight?

You went short 3 times as the price increased from 9:30 96.20 to 10:35 102.61.

6.24 % gain.

At 10:19, the 50 day moving average changed to bullish and the ADX positive directional indicator crossed the ADX negative directional indicator (bullish).

At 10:26 both indicators were still bullish.

At 10:26 you were short and raised your entry price 5 times before getting filled.

At 10:30 you sold for a .15 % gain.

At 10:26 the price was 100.74.

At 10:30 the price was 102.23.

1.48 % gain.

At 10:30 both indicators were still bullish.

At 10:30 you were short raising your entry price.

At 10:35 you sold for a .15 % gain.

At 10:30 the price was 102.23.

At 10:35 the price was 102.61.

.37 % gain.

Why were you shorting while price and indicators were bullish?

I love your comment 'It's time to go lamborghini shopping'!

david larussa says:

$86 dollars a day, 253 trading days in a year = $21,758. Using $450,000, equals a 4.8% annual return.

itsTHATnick says:

I feel like I am missing something. It seems like you keep going in at the highest amount and the set it even higher. Doesn't that do tye exact opposite of making money?

Giuseppe Gallo says:

I've started to trade not so long ago (about 4 days ago with real money to be honest), i've noticed that your trading strategy it's almost the same as mine, i've already did wrong sometimes but still now i'm green (closed the week with an +14,67%, 146$) i've made a lot of mistakes, fell in stupid traps and… FELL IN STUPID TRAPS AGAIN, then the things that you said at 18:05 and you know what? i've got understand, now before every position i will assure that if the stock is going up or down, no emotions so nothing like ''but if i wait some more i will earn a bit less %'' i do not mean to go up like 10% every day but at least a 3-5% and then stop it.

dinosaurperson says:

Is this TWS? How did u increase space between candle sticks? Thanks

LT Terrell says:

Clay I want to say I thank God for you. I have never did stock buying, selling or trading stocks in my life. People I know that does it didn't want to share or was just mums.
What type of pc you using? If I buy stock to hold and never sale; if the company never go under. Is my money safe?

Noel Alvarez says:

I have 0 fucking idea what’s going on in this video 🤦🏻‍♂️ I want to get into this (trading) so bad!

rrivas 00 says:

How are you losing money when it goes up and gaining money when the price drops??

Adam Noraddin says:

Hey Clay, is Light-speed broker available in the UK?

B elias says:

Is it u or YOU TUBE that your re caps come out late?This video is from the Jan 13th and today is Jan 30th?

Joey Sayre says:

Very respectable, showing loses and keeping your cool.

Dalibor Gavranovic says:

Great job. The hardest part is to take loss.

TheSteelcitysfinest says:

I always get something to eat and drink before these videos. You make the most exciting day trading videos on YouTube. Love these. Excellent comeback 😃

Gero Weinkauf says:

Hey Clay, I'm in need for an expert opinion: Do you ever heard of the DMA Broker Speedtrader? If so, how would you rate it? And technically since it's a direct market access broker like Lightspeed it should execute orders in similar speeds…am i right? Loving your video's! Greetings from Germany

Ricks Trading Days says:

Wait. If the price of the stock is at $127.92 and you buy 500 shares. OH, MY…No wonder you dropped a grand. It's great to see these each day but the difference is, a newbie could never earn or afford to spend this much unless they had a 10k bank they could risk. But the real mention is calling yourself average. If you are average and it took you 10 plus years to get average. How long before a newbie would be GOOD? 🙂

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