[LIVE] Day Trading | My 8 Minute Workday (side hustle power!)

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Looking for a side hustle with a lot of power behind it? I hope you consider learning about the stock market, and in particular, day trading stocks online. If you are someone looking for additional ways to make money and create streams of income for yourself, that tells me you are a hard worker and looking to do what needs to be done. This is important because you will need a lot of hustle and grind to find success in the world of day trading stocks. For those that do arise to the occasion and work hard, as you’ll see here, it does not take much time at all to make worthwhile money. Let me show you just how powerful of a side hustle day trading stocks online can be using some of my personal stock market results.

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DANNY *DE says:

great video subbed!

Woosh says:

Teach me your ways wise one

G Koyun says:

thumbs up emojiiiiiiii

maher s says:

Time is wealth

maher s says:

What program should i use as a Canadian?

L4rceny says:

Bud, I started with 13.5k in mid December, at 32 years old wondering if I'd ever retire. Fast forward 2 months and I've turned that into 80k at closing yesterday, and thank God everyday for this good fortune. This really is life changing stuff if you want to put the time IN and LEARN. Here goes nothing to my first mil!

bulldog 1 says:

Lol the video is 12 minutes long though 😂😂

E Z Kafka says:

Hi sir, I enjoyed the vid. I like the practical approach. Learning by seeing someone do it rather than hearing him talking about his profits non stop.

I bought some crypto in 18 and hodled, now looking more into smaller time frames. To me this is very interesting and I would watch more of that sort.

Maybe you can explain how the market opening in general is affecting your decisions? How is it different to 24/7 crypto?

Andre Barros says:

700 dollars 8 min, while using 100k lol

Yared Tsegaye Art says:

How much money did you use/invested in this particular video?

Paranoid Android says:

What site or application are you using to trade?

Nick Garcia says:

I love these live videos. Hearing you think through everything while it's happening is awesome and super helpful. Don't mind the high schoolers. These videos are great!

Justin Tavella says:

Your the man, I work as a electrician and long hours but for good money I would love to get into this type of business always intrigued me, your right do this for freedom I have three kids and one on the way. As a ex casino gambler I would to get into this, and so true no reason to be all fancy like other people out there with expensive setups, great to be live and right or the point. Great video bud keep it up

Berrmustafa Ozdemir says:

What is his trading strategy? Crossover?

Cranky Old Man says:

I SO need to be independently set so I could do the day trade thing. The adrenaline rush would be enough to make it worth it.

Eddie Naranjo says:

Am I the only one that’s still confused

Sarah Willis says:

Thank you. I will be watching all of your videos. Please keep going with them.

TRiCKyDiGiTs says:

£700 on top of your 100k nice 😂

nyc now says:

Is Dave Johnsons on telegram legit?

CHEST3R says:


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