Live Day Trading – Stock Market Raining $50 Bills

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Live Day Trading – Stock Market Raining $50 Bills

I was excited about this video as I caught several trades in their entirety; however, when it came to big gains… well, it was hard. The market kept giving me the opportunity to bend over and pick up $50 bills within seconds and I will never turn down that quick cash. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disappointed about the money I made in less than an hour, but for as many trades as I made, I would’ve thought my profit would have been larger.

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Nezar Albderat says:

Awesome style bro, i will be buying ur option training and chat room access a little later but for now I'm interested in what ur doing here.. my question is can I do scelping or micro scelping with a 25k account and grow my yield as u explained to that guy about ur 80k acc(280% per year yield)).please give me a direct answer? Thank u for the great videos bro.

shawn mcaraphy says:

These are all gaps! You scan for gaps and go "FISHING". Why don't you teach that method on your DCTH videos?

Donn Thomas says:

Balls of steel! Iron gutz! In and out like a perfect thief lol i like this cat

Maulik Suryavanshi says:

What does it mean when u put the type as limit? Sorry I'm new to this stuff

pan atom says:

Hi Clay ,
What software you are using for trading ?

Rob Bradley says:

This is the strangest way to trade that I have ever seen. You can't argue with profit, but this is not for me. I run with the bulls and bears, not against them. Nice to see one can make money with either approach. 🙂

Zeek says:

what the f have I just seen?! You traded bot 500 shares of SRPT at 41.75 = $20875 position to make 50 bucks!! are you kidding! 10 freaking cents?!?! that's the spread!!! this is a sick joke! That's a 0.002% move and you call that trading and you run a service! shame on you

Chris Gilman says:

Clay was just wondering why you don't go long on some of these stocks when you set your order like $.20 higher than the bid? Then short then after they hit where you want them to.

Life4abusiness says:

is he buying options or verticles what stadegy are you using

satvik jadhav says:

New to day trading.
How do you know when the stock is going to stop moving up and start a down trend in the first 5 mins (or vise versa) of market open.
I usually wait for 30 to 40 mins before I start trading.

James VanDam says:

Great job Clay!

Adam Marjadsingh says:

Also, have you thought about live streaming your day trading?

Adam Marjadsingh says:

Hey Clay! Cool video. Will definitely watch if you post more. 🙂

AlbinLexicon says:

First to comment? yey XD very fun vid to watch as always 🙂 thank you for posting it every week

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