LIVE FOMC – 29th January 2020

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Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung & Senior Trader Sam North cover the latest FOMC announcement.

– Fundamental preview from Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung (00:00)
– Technical preview from Senior Trader Sam North (17:10)
– Live announcement of the interest rate decision (28:00)
– Currency review from trader Alex Clark (41:05)
– Anthony and Sam give advice to new traders (49:40)
– Press conference with Fed Chair Jerome Powell (59:57)

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Oksana D. says:

Hi Anthony and Amplify Trading Team, great reportage as always! Thank you! IOER is, so to say, an equivalent of ECB's deposit facility rate, right? European corporate banks would presumably then prefer to park their liquidity and excess reserves at Fed rather than at ECB? Does it create some macroeconomic disequilibrium then? Also very trivial but still: who lends overnight at Fed Funds Rate and who lends overnight at repo rate? What are the significant differences between these two (if briefly)? For example, are the blue chip companies (& corporates in general) also participants in the repo market? Presumably not directly or marginal? With regard to repo market and repo rate, does the Fed treat the financial institutions and corporates as equal market participants? Thank you in advance! 🙂

Hans Bernhardsson says:

Anthony – have a question on how to read into the fed future rate. After today's fed meeting you have to go the September meeting to a possible rate cut for the fed (as of now stands at 38.2% vs. holding unchanged is at 32.6%). In the meetings following the September meeting one rate cut still has the highest percentage. How do you read into this? Market expecting Fed to cut rate only once this year? Of course we are at the end of January, very early in the year and a lot of things can happen. Given that this is far into the future the importance of this possible rate cut not relevant at the moment?

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