[LIVE] How To Make $200 trading stocks using less than $350 in 3 Minutes| Building A Small Account

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I usually don’t trade on Fridays but I decided to throw the recording on and just try to get a quick friday trade in for you guys to show you whats possible in the stock market, hopefully you enjoyed the video.

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Jj To says:

Been watching you a while now and you killing it man, my goal in a few years (I’m 18 nearly 19)

Jj To says:

I want to be able to do this , but am young and can’t afford really to do your program and then have money to trade

James G says:

Thank You Bijan! Please do more videos like this! 😎

Omar El Hoffi says:

YES!!! Welcome back

Mo Rivera says:

I wish to join your alerts soon. I understand the strike 190 but confused on what expiry you suggest. Wether it's this week or next week.

Brandon Mannix says:

Thanks man… always super informative and straight forward.

aman sharma says:

I'm 17, from India. I'll prove myself sir. Following you on Insta since a year and I'm learning.

Thomas Cisneros says:

What did you use to place contract on phone if you dont mind me asking

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