Live NASDAQ NQ 9-17 – with CycleTrader DSI and Smooth Chart Type

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We have custom trading indicators, trading courses, and auto trading systems ( Strategies ) for Ninja Trader, Trade Station and Meta Trader.

With the Cycle Trader Indicators, Systems and Courses, you can trade Stocks, Forex, Futures, SP500, NASDAQ. ES, NQ ZB Bonds.

If you are a day trader or position trader, come visit our site and learn more about your can learn to trade online.

To be successful with any trading system strategy, it is important to resolve 4 parts of the trading decisions.

Trend – You have to know to buy or sell at the moment.
Entry Price – You need a good entry price to set up #3, your exit.
Exit Price – Pick the max profits but don’t give away the farm trying to do so.
Stop trading for the day – The markets can change trends 3 to 5 times a day, take you money and go home and be happy.

We programmed all 4 parts of this equation into the CycleTrader System Strategies. We use algorithms based on our CycleTrader Indicators and Smooth Chart Types, to enter and exit the markets in real time


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