LIVE: Penny Stocks Small Cap Scanner (Trade-Ideas)

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Marguerite Gargiulo says:

It is just so annoying that I had not invested a long time ago, I actually mailed Smith van 2 months ago, but I was nervous and ran away because I wasn't really sure and what I had was not actually enough or should I say my last cash?, it wasn't just the right time . The first investment I made 2 weeks ago of $2,500 won me $32,000 last week, $32,000 is actually not so much but the result is not so easy to bring to reality, I must applaud his efficiency as I am not the only one he has done this for, my brother also trades with her and he is doing well, contact this star professionnal at harryclark304@gmailcom

dragos sorin says:

Many dislikes but no negative comments , weird

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