LIVE: Penny Stocks Small Cap Scanner (Trade-Ideas)

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“We are not financial advisors, anything commented on should not be interpreted as investment advice. The content on this channel should be used as educational purposes only.”

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sam Davies says:

I was lost but thank God i was found!. I ventured into trading a year ago, i had this burning desire to break the market and uplift myself from financial problems but i was misguided along the line which led to my terrible loss and i ran into serious debts. I came across Mr max Davies who is an Expert Trader/ Account manager. He shared his trading techniques and helped me achieve my goals. I got wins of $14,700 with an initial investment of $1,800. I'm so amazed and forever grateful to him.

Charlotte Hayward says:

It’s confusing to me why everyone is so emotional in this space, I’ve been trading crypto since 2014. Many ups, many downs in the last 5 years However it’s outperformed any traditional asset and I AM not actual financial advisor with a series 7, 66, and 24. The issue in crypto is so many people wanting to get rich quick to relax a little and buy the dips the appeal to bitcoin is the halving which is why I love, In my case, i have earned thousands by following a less talked about the approach which is day trading. Trading is less affected by the speculative and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency and with the right strategy and daily signals you can easily earn so much when others are actually making loses in an unstable market. I have successfully grown about 6.2 btc last month using just 0.9 btc with Mr. Knud Green's daily signals and strategy. Green's daily signals are very accurate and always yields a great positive results on investment and is always available to give a helping hand < Telgram -@ Knudgreen and Knudgreen01@ Gmailcom >> on how to trade profitably.

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