Live Risk Management on the 5 min time frame

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Traders Friend says:

@ji3200 It is $5.00USD (^_^). I tried stock, but I find them much harder. In other words they kicked my butt… Have a great one

andy sky says:

@TRADERSFRIEND hi im just curious about this video. how much was the .50 size volume you just trade? it looks like about 20 pips and i know how individual stocks but dont have any clue about forex.

Traders Friend says:

@jimmytube177 I agree, I made a risk management on the 1 min time frame as well, but since not everyone is as comfortable with the 1 min, I wanted to show the same principle on a larger time frame. I really like both the 1 min and the 5 min frames. Thanks for that and You are right the 1 min time frame has lots of advantages if You get in at the right time, but it can chop you crazy if you get in during the whipping period (^_^). You have to have great discipline for the 1 min

James Agnew says:


nice trade, but I could have got you in earlier than this, if you looked at the 1 min the price hit the 200 ema and bounced right off it, nice trade anyway 🙂

Traders Friend says:

@Biddymc My stop is always above or below the previous candle, my tp is whenever I have lost my advantage. I have no idea my risk to reward as I sometimes take a hit and there are times that I have 10+ times my risk……lol You know I never think of that stuff, I just try to make some paper (*_*)! Thanks

Biddymc says:

what sort of sl and risk/reward ratio are you trading with??

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