Live Small Account Day Trading on Stream! – Penny Stock Watchlist – Beginner Trading

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Pre-market watchlist and live day trading at the open on Tradenet & Ustocktrade. Watchlist, Penny Stocks. Come check us out for live penny stock updates, watchlists, ect.


Lanif Angelkiss says:

Thank you for the awesome stream! Do you have a chatroom or group I could join to message and talk with other traders on post-market stuff?

Lumi Pop says:

What platform do you use?

SwingTradeSolutions says:

I've been stressing out from today. Lost $1400 because of something that went wrong with my keys and I don't know why. I bought with my key on SureTrader using the BP*95 but it wouldn't buy any stock and got rejected, I had to hand type the order but whenever I tried using my sell key it wouldn't sell it, it would say SHORT and it would get rejected making me go -$1400. Please help. Here's some pictures of the keys / event log

SwingTradeSolutions says:

Question, which ROUTE would be the best to buy and sell on the ask?

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