Live Stock Trades – $210 in 45 Minutes

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Live Stock Trades – $210 in 45 Minutes

The morning was not looking too promising; however, thanks to a few stocks that came to life, I was still able to pull some profits from the market. This video just goes to show that no matter what the market “appears” as doing, you never truly know what will happen… so be ready!

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D G says:

How are you day trading so many times in the day ?

fallofshadows FPV says:

So I'm online just trying to learn absolute basics so I can make some money off my $20 in Robinhood, and I ended up at this video… I have basically no clue what just happened haha.

Md Hasan says:

Nice video! I was wondering what trading platform you are using here?

Peter Brooks says:

Dude, why on earth don't you use hot keys ?

Colin says:

Why are your gains so small?

Sanjay Pratap says:

Are you using light speed ?

Raymond Caldareri says:

hey just wondering, what platform are you using to trade on?

Ksenia Asatryan says:

LTBR was good to me too. Shorted 3 times.

No Name says:

you still sound sick.. dang

Raymond Kenney says:

was your logic on trying to get in on LTBR at $2.37 due to the fact that it was a support level? I am going based off previous candles that formed before it. I am a student and will be taking robotic trading skill sharpening next week.

TNTrader says:

how often do you trade with fibs?

Goat78 says:

… that you teach. I kindly ask for your help. What is your email address Clay?

Goat78 says:

Hey Clay you are an excellent teacher. I sub to you a week ago. I have a college degree in business Administration. I have two jobs. I read the book stock investing for dummies. I want to average at least $300 a week. I want start small in grow large with income so I quit my jobs. I to day trade for a living.I can only trade on Friday my day off. I want to invest in stocks but want to earn money weekly or daily. I need a mentor. I would like you to mentor me. I will join any course that you


Clay , I was wondering if you play those late day fades , if so , how are you doing with them ?

Chris Ellis says:

Nice work! Keep it up.

ricardo washington says:

do you have any coupon codes? i want to join the 99 a year but i don't have money for it at the moment.. but im going to join next month

ricardo washington says:

man i work all day just to make 200 dollars..i need to learn this bro..

Tayo Bamisedun says:

what platform is this?

cap rate? says:

Trading video with a good coffee. Can't go wrong with that 👍

Jason Shoots says:

Blah, I think that's how you spell it?

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