Live Stock Trades – 30 Minutes and $320 in Profit

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Live Stock Trades – 30 Minutes and $320 in Profit

This morning’s action in the stock market had quite a variety. I was able to capture some pre market trading along with several day trades after the opening bell. Take what the market gives you and make sure you have strategies in place to pull profits from the market in a consistent basis.

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Dan Eggiman says:

Hey Clay, I use Lightspeed as well. You interested in trading off the chart using a line that represents your limit orders that you can drag and drop so you don't have to type in the price every time in your order entry window? It has increased my trade reaction time and efficiency greatly and I think you might find it helpful as well. I am happy to share my Lightspeed layout I have created with you so you can test it out. Let me know!

Trindin Wright says:

You probably need like 15k to even do 500 could you do a video using like $500? To show the profit margin etc

Ben Smith says:

Clay, how fast is your internet connection? I'm curious because I have a 45Mbps connection but my ThinkorSwim seems to think it's slow.

PunisheIsBack yo says:

what programme is that ? 🙂

BeastModeFitness11 says:

This guys strategy is so bizarre but hey if it works for him good

Krispy Kernels says:

Hey Clay enjoy your vids.
I’m trying to wrap my head around how when you have a lot of people shorting a stock the price decreases… is it because you have to sell into the bid? Perhaps that’s a video idea for you.Thanks

darion hughes says:

Need like 15k to even have 500 shares ? But still great moves .

Sahil V5 says:

Was this today

N Po says:

What platform do you use clay?

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