Live Stock Trading – $7,200 in Profits

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Live stock trading – How to make money by day trading stocks – $7,200 in 30 minutes.
Meir Barak day trading live on September 8th. 2017.

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Jock Rocks says:

Stop loss & Hard stop? I don't see the difference when the spike occurs don't you LOSE your money??? Or don't use one & LOSE more money. ???

samee al jaber says:

I'm interest

Anthony Salters says:

meir..thank you for ALWAYS explaining your reasoning… "NO institutional traders "

raza ali says:

ok i subscribed … now how i can i get ur book .. thanks

Daddy With a nanny says:

I want to start trading with 100$ what should I be investing in

Stone Minh says:

You trade more forex and gold, ths u!


Shorted KR with you, Mier. It eventually dropped to $20.44/sh. Another nice trade! Thank you!

Kashif Khan says:

hi i m shifting to berlin in december and really want to join your berlin office team with 80000 funded account package ,, kindly tell me is it possible for me ? it will be a game changer for me , thanks

Collins Ngeywa says:

meir do you short stocks that are down pre -market or the first few minutes of the trading day?

SO S says:

which candle you preferred 5 min or 1 min

Robert Paulo says:

Meir, I'm expecting big rise in SP500 next week.

Amarh Tetteh says:

Thank you soooo much for this video… you have been a great mentor to me with this videos. my only wish is that you do this short videos for all your day trades. Thanks once again. cant wait to join your funded account. have a nice day my mentor.

husssein says:

Hi Meir, what is the best thing to do if I still want to practice paper trading but I have university classes at the same time?

Dan Gold says:

Is there anyway to get the PDF of your book for free?

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