Live Stock Trading – Do NOT Chase a Stock. Heres Why

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Live Stock Trading – Do NOT Chase a Stock. Heres Why.

While my morning profits were nothing to brag about (still is crazy thought to think that thanks to the stock market, I made $100 in less than 1 hour), the true value in the video comes in the form of a great lesson in regards to how emotions can cause quite a bit of pain… if you allow them to. In this particular example, in regards to chasing the stock.

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Nazgul 7 says:

Hey clay I have a serious question, if you wanted to just make a decent profit as often as possible. Why don't you make pre open orders on major bull or bear days and just do a market type and sell on bulls after the initial move?, same goes for shorting.

Thomas Eden says:

FOMO is dangerous indeed. Good on you for catching it live.

giovanni umana says:

Hi clay I would love if you made videos on technical indicators and your profesional opinion on them.

Daniel Rodriguez says:

you should make a vídeo on your thoughts on the abcd patern

Daniel Rodriguez says:

basically dont follow the trend, anticipate the Market

Tamim Al-Shallah says:

I definitely remember ADPT (was watching it for a couple weeks before that big move), the sad part was that I observed a surge of volume early on starting at ~1.20 (way before reaching the top) but I didn't have enough confidence to buy early on in the day although it was a buy signal (and as you showed in the video definitely did not want to chase it)
I already purchased three courses last week (PSSG, RT & RT skill sharpening) which I'm loving & feel they are allowing me to slowly build confidence back up … btw now it's ADPTQ trading at <30 cents which really reminded me of what you were saying in the PSSG course 🙂

Financial Freedom Attitude says:

the moment when you get notification from clay trader!

Frank G says:

Hi Clay, Which platform do you use?


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