Live Trade Video – ES and TF, Mar 27-2013 – DayTradeTheMarkets

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This video discusses making similar but different trades in the emini SP and emini Russel. The market conditions in both of these instruments was the same but different entry techniques were used. The reason for this is explained below. Comparing two closely related markets is something we like to do at Day Trade The Markets dot com as we will often use a relative comparison to confirm the strength of the intra-day directional bias.

On this day the market gapped lower, ie today’s open was below yesterday’s low and offered good long trade opportunities. The break out higher in the emini SP was traded in a ‘go with’ style, which is a more aggressive trade entry technique. This was done because the emini SP rallied off of a strong area of support that was known going into the day. The entry order type was a buy stop. The emini Russell trade was not entered on a ‘go with’ style but instead was entered only after it had pierced through the resistance barrier and had accepted price above that level. The thinking was that this resistance barrier would switch to good support and offer an excellent location to lean against for a long trade. The entry order type was a buy limit for this ‘responsive trade’. Site:


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