Live Trading | How To Identify Potential On Penny Stocks

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Adam Dennis says:

he's nice because he stresses education first, practice second. then go for it "small-my". Ricky shares a niche bit of movement ideas

christon clarke says:

Dude prediction on AMD was so right. Damn you're good !

b757cb1 says:

Hey Ricky, what are your thoughts on short-selling? I haven't seen anything in your videos regarding it. Just curious because just watching the video and seeing $SNAP, it looked like a good short seller potential.

the realness says:

can u show is how to set up an fidelity account and

the realness says:

can u show is how to set up an fidelity account and

Jorge Zavala says:

How do you cancel the trendline drawing when you are just using it to view the percentage range? Sounds like your pressing a button on the keyboard. Thanks for the video!

Nicholas Macias says:

Hey does anyone have any input on using suretrader to get around pdt rule.

Jean-Francois Carrier says:

But… When the stock market are closed, the stock price can move again or nothing will happen during the time it's closed?

Joseph Kissoon says:

How do I join the live chats you have going on? They seem helpful!

Dondrell Beatz says:

Why do you prefer stocks >$1….. better movement?

franciscoTuTubas says:

Hey, Can you make a video about the tools you use and the brokers you suggest to trade penny stocks? Thanks, f.

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