Live Trading – SURE PROFIT (Almost No Risk) Strategy By Selling Options on Expiry Day ~ 3000 Rs

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Large institutions and investment firms sell options for making money. Where as most of the retail traders buy the options. For those people who are selling options time decay will help them in making profits.
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Here in this live trading video I am explaining how by selling options you can make money with almost no risk or with very less risk.

Here on today i.e.,23rd of february I sold 2 lots of nifty options, By my experience and knowledge, technical analysis I predicted where nifty would close. Based on that analysis I have sold 2 lots of nifty options which I bought back at a negligible price of around 0.1 rupee or 10 paisa. Thus by carefull selling the options and by proper hedging it is possible to make money on intraday.

Watch the video for more details.

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selva mech says:

hi, nice video. if possible please make a video on how options work? and when and why should we make buy decision. and difference b/w ce pe type. hope you will make one.

Mazhar Salmani says:

is it possible to sell future and option before expiry??

Avinash sqlserver says:

I contacted you but no response.if we sell CE on expiry,everytime we will get Profit?not touched about loss.loss will not be there?

Biswajit Senapati says:

why did u buy it again at .1,cant we just leave it,as its out of money?

Knight07 says:

what a waste of time watching this video…. can you please be more clear as to what you are doing and show us the charts as well…

Prasanth Arun says:

how much money do I need to keep to buy 8950 call option for one lot..

Sanjay Ray says:

hello sir really supperb stretegy, Kya options selling har expire PE kr skta h mtlb option k premium har expire PE kmta h Kya?

Rakhi Ashish says:

where are actual information.

Sukesh Cs says:

how do select the strike price and what is the stop loss u place?? please explain the Strategy of the above trade also….
thank you.

Soma Raju says:

50 రొజులలో లక్ష రూపాయలు ఛాలెంజ్ అని ఇప్పటివరకు ఎవరూ మొదలుపెట్టలేదు. వినడానికి చాలా
ఇన్స్పైరింగ్ గా ఉంది. దీని గురించి అప్ డేట్ తెలుసుకొవడానికి రోజూ మే ఛానల్ చూస్తాను. అలాగే ఈ లక్ష పూర్తవడానికి
ఇంకెంత దూరంలో ఉన్నారు. ఆల్ ద బెస్ట్.
మీరు సెల్ చేయ్సూడానికి ఎంచుకున్న స్త్రైక్ ప్రైస్ లు ఏ బేసిస్ మీద ఎంచుకున్నారు.కొంచెం గైడ్ చేయండి.

raj sub says:

what strategy are using for future intraday


unlike others you are also uploading loss making videos. thanks and plz share more strategy videos.

Isaacahh h says:

you are exposing yourself to a massive risk:reward ratio i suggest you read anti fragile by nassim taleb and rethink this "almost no risk" strategy

raj sub says:

I'm case you strategy fails what is your stop loss and on what basis you have selected 8900 8950 call prices
is it possible to do with put as well
please explain

Sunny Singh says:

how can I contact you
and the video is super good
thanks for video

Vijeyakumar Kumar says:


harshith m says:

thanks for uploading this video.. learned a lott on this.. I've 10k initial investment can i trade in options? please touch with me in wtsapp 8123817794

Fred D'souza says:

Hi good strategy.i have a doubt since bank nifty has weekly expiry.does this strategy can be applied for bank nifty also.

shama spring says:

Thanks sir, You have given confidence for trader like me.I am shorting nifty option and getting profit. Please upload more video. WE are eagerly waiting for .

Ananda says:

Good idea, how much margin amount required for selling options. Apart from expiry day do you have any strategy ? Please explain

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