LMAX Demo vs Live data feed side by side in Quantower trading platform

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This is a side by side comparison of LMAX demo and live account/data feed for the same symbol. The trading platform used for the test is the new Quantower: www.quantower.com

This is purely for educating/informative purposes, to understand the dififerences and its significance between what a trader sees on a demo account and later on on a live account. So I do not intend to show LMAX in a bad light by this video. The dififerences seen in this video are general attributes on the online trading market, so this is not really LMAX specific.

Interpretation: Live account/data feed updates:
1. more frequently
2. and faster
3. it is more real time, more realistic
4. gives better, more real picture of the dynamics of the price flow (trend strenght, momentum) due to the faster and more frequent quote updates
Remark: A trader maybe sucessful on a “slower and smoother” demo data feed than she or he maybe unsucessful on a “fast and more erratic” live feed, partly due to the abovementioned facts.
Additional info: Maintaining live trade/data stream servers requires cutting edge and expensive servers and internet connection and their capacity is naturally limited, therefore live data streams are not provided free of charge and unlimited for non paying demo users, but a secondary demo server is provided for demo users, but due to the free of charge mass use of demo servers they do not provide the same quality data streams as the live servers for paying users.


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