Long Call Options Strategy (Best Guide w/ Examples)

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The long call option strategy (buying call options) is a very bullish strategy that consists of buying a call option on a stock that a trader believes will rise in price.

In this video, you’ll learn:

1. What are the characteristics of the long call strategy?
2. What does the expiration risk graph look like when buying calls?
3. What are the option Greek exposures of the long call option strategy?

In addition, you’ll see three real long call trade examples so you know exactly how the strategy performs in various stock market environments.


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dolma Jitsang says:

thank you very much you are a very goed teacher!

Serf Pezz says:

Oh and if I sell how would I know what numbers to put in the limit order I know it would be 1 contract which equals 100 shares but what strike price and premium would I want on the sale end thanks

Serf Pezz says:

Let's say i buy a stock that's trading at 10.i buy the call bto at a strike price of 9 with a premium of 2 and it goes into my account with a 3 month expiry time.say the stock goes up 3 or 4 dollars in 2 weeks can I sell that call as a call to close or am I obligated to the guy that sold it to me first?is it mine to sell?what would be my profit?ism a newbie much thanks

deepsudeep says:

Would you still buy a call if the IV percentile is high? I know you could sell puts but the profit potential is less.

meme youyou says:

Love your vids man. More power!

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