Long Strangle Option Strategy

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B Patrick says:

"Live to trade another day." – statement of the day, after mondays move

IproductionsI says:

i dont understand something.

Doesnt it make much more sence buying a 35 CALL and buying a 45 PUT? This would mean you have the right to sell at 45 which is better than 35 and the right to buy at 35 which is better than 45.

Alla Tchouiko says:

Thank you very much! very clear explanation

lsesshoumaruU says:

what do they have to be out of the money?

houdapurple says:

thank you so much , you're a life savior !! so clear , can't believe i actually got it in less than 7 minutes .

Neo says:

Thank you for the wonderful videos Kirk!

TheBrendanxyz says:

Excellent job.

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