LVS up over 500% in 3 Days, BAC Calendar Spread Top Gun Options

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Top Gun Options Trade on LVS up 450% in 3 days, Calendar Spread on BAC.

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TopGunOptions says:

Quagmire –

The LVS trade in the TGO Intermediate Model Portfolio is based on a notional 10 contracts. In addition, the profit potential with the deep in the money call is technically unlimited and since the call we purchased is nearly an .8 delta it'll move close to the $ movement of the stock.



Giggidygiggidy12 says:

Question for whiz, is the LVS gain on the paper trade based on one contract, how can I calculate the potential profit had I used say 5,10,20 contracts? Jist curious TY.

TopGunOptions says:

Did you watch the video? It says the max profit is UNLIMITED and that the max profit shown is not correct.

The clip also states that they would continue to sell front month upside calls, hence the point of the trade.

I'd watch it again if i were you. Answers all the points you bring up quite well.

Gavin Stevens says:

Max profit on the BofA trade is incorrect because it only represents the current position. Ie until April expiration. Once the short April calls expire, max profit will become unlimited.

What is the point of this trade though really? You only get $20 per short contract, which only covers less than 10% of the calls you're purchasing. Do you plan to continue to sell front month calls against the long position? If not, why not just but 1 less Jan 13 call and the trade is the same.

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