Major Announcement From HSBC. Stock Market Crash Imminent.

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Now you have a major bank, HSBC, calling for an imminent crash at least as bad as 1987.


Siu Ngaap says:

No one knows when the market will crash. If they did, the news would leak and spread. Usually experts have intelligent guesses but no one can get to within a year or month, let alone days and weeks of a crash. Personally I hope the markets tank huge in October. I can say one thing though, market tanks =trump win. Market doesn't = hilary win.

Doubil Troubil says:

hsbc do not have your best interests at heart man….ignore those fools

Elaine H (Mamaknock Redoubt) says:

OCT 13th 8pm we moved to DEFCON 3 we are now in active conflict. May God help us all.





We will be "hit" from all angles…stock market, ww3, election, even the sun is going crazy today. Don't be distracted by msm please people, stay focused and alert to current world situations and tie up any loose ends you have. The ball is rolling this weekend on many fronts.
God bless and protect.

Rob Dob says:

Have a safe trip, take your cash out of the banks stop supporting them .

Tracy Eppinger says:

I keep hearing this little voice in my gut that nags at me to clean out the hubby's meager 401k and 4 hide it away. Its realy not much at all but its all we have. I could care less about its growth if it means my kids would be fed if the SHTF.

Arnd2it says:

It's shit like what HSBC just pulled that actually causes a stock market crash – people panic and a sell-off begins. HSBC needs to be sanctioned and heavily fined by the SEC so they keep their mouths shut. They probably bought a lot of short stock and want to reap the profits of their decline in value.

Jason McDougal says:

Thanks for the video Tommy I take it seriously too, may I ask where you usually get your news information from?

Merle says:

Another China bank talk. Just because their economy is shot doesn't mean everything here is dumping, even though they would love that

Allegheny Mountain Living says:

Yep, heard the same alert this morning. Not good. Things are bad enough around here right now. I am struggling to keep my last handful of guys working, and there isn't anything coming out for bid. I'm preparing for a bad winter. Then on top of that you have this whole Russia thing looming which is giving me that whole cold war feeling all over again. The majority of folks in our country have no idea how bad things are and could get real fast. Have a safe trip home……Darryl, AML.

gatorred157 says:

i have though the banks have had a problem there plans have not worked, people with money in banks or cd's or 401k are about to get cleaned out in this crash, or bail in's it going to be bad! my friend think the rich people will not let that happen! well if there hold US fed made dollars that loaned to the US there going to want there bill paid back ok if all money printed in the world returned to the fed there still money owed! there not enough money in the world to pay the bill! do you see the problem YET??????

Grant W. Whitwam says:

Nah, Obama says everything is just fine!

Cheryl Girard says:

Glad you got up to see your mom. I am sure that it made her day. What's scary is we have been preparing for this. But at some point you start to second guess yourself. "what did I miss". "What do in need more of". " what happens if I can't get where I plan to go even with my back up plans. ". " can I do this". Have been saving for some type small solar. Even if it's small portable unit. But still not enough $. Very scary times are looming

Sharon Brown says:

I got out of the stock market a few years ago- thank goodness! Also, hope your mother is doing better.

Intentional Living Homestead says:

Stay safe Tommy.  Continuing to pray for your mom.

hallard069 says:

The whole Russia vs USA proxy war is the big story not being told in mainstream media today instead worrying about what who said what x years ago. Saw that too about the market, it's just bound to happen and it's inevitable for bubble to pop. I'm just surprised the dollar didn't get smoked when the Chinese Yuan became part of the IMF Reserve currency Sept 30th. The British Pound is getting hit hard recently, punishment for leaving the EU?

Homeplace Journal says:
Watch this guys channel and see what you think

JRC Homestead Texas says:

scary times, especially if you haven't prepared. Thanks for the info Tommy

Hard News TV says:

Sir, here is Another RED ALERT: Tensions are at high alert between US and Russia, as US is spotted painting US Fighter Jets to look like Russian fighter jets, sparking fears of a coming false flag. Also Russia issued a MANDATORY order for all Russian citizens in US to return back to Russia NOW…and its non negotiable.

Miss Kim says:

Sell short. Make a killing.

Dawn Hernandez says:

Thank you for the update, Tommy, and ya'll be careful coming home. God bless!

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