Major Volatility signs before a Stock Market crash

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We are officially in a Correction & it is starting to feel a little like panic in the markets as volatility shows up in a major way. We saw the Dow Jones drop -1000 points last week and then quickly erase all of its loses as the Plunge Protection Team PPT stepped into calm the markets.

It looks like the Federal Reserve will hold off on an Interest Rate hike in 2015. China is taking steps to float it’s currency. And the Emerging markets are breaking down.

Big Volatility signs always come before a major crash so be prepared.

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OB1 imalive says:

you need to paten your quots dont end up like. lil wayn blig bling. i have some that need to be patened to

Chris Estes says:

sh!t has already hit the fan, we are just getting sprayed with it now

Sissy Missy says:

If you want to see what is going to kick off the elite's party starting with the stock market crash then Cern just watch the finale (last episode) of Mr. Robot that aired last night. Season one Episode 10. In that episode they mention the Ashley Madison, China devaluing their currency, aliens, zues, prophets, God, cern, and the list goes on and on. The market plunge in the U.S. started on Friday, Aug 21 and got worse on Monday, Aug 24th. That day the Dow closed at 15,666.44. Add the numbers to the left of the decimal = 24. Add the numbers to the right of the decimal = 8. 24-8 happened on 8-24. Then for the number 15666.44 – 15 for 2015, 666 for the mark of the beast, 44 for Obama the 44th presidential puppet. That episode from mr. robot will be America on Friday, Sept. 11 and the real black Monday, Sept 14. Shemitah starts at sundown on Sept 13th when the asian markets open. Aug 21 was 3 weeks (3 sets of 7 days) prior to Sept. 11th. Christine Legarde says it is the year for the magical number 7. That episode is more loaded with illuminati crap than I ever seen with all the movies, commercials, super bowls combined.

April Gardner says:

Thor, This  reminds me of a boxing match when the one boxer keeps going to the corner while the other boxer he knocked out is given the count…BUT he rises for another pummeling until he just cannot get up anymore.

kuna burger (kunaburger) says:

…and the numbers are not real!!!

Maxwe13 says:

lol those people on tv… my god. its all nonsense

RockStarPreacher says:

Buying opportunity.

When the Market is Fearful, get Greedy!

DayTraders Paradise, baby.


slutypet says:

the economic channels where most people get their fundamentals is dufus and the drama is like over the top. boy, do they love drama about some extra pip movement -.- lol its for the average american investor, sometimes the information is manipulated or just simply wrong. I am not saying its useless, i sometimes watch it to know whats up but i don't follow their advice, ever. i have a couple of years in forex trading and its going pretty good the past year, in every month ^^ my forecast for the dolar is (based on fundamentals and manly in technical analysis) is it's going to fall, so you would expect the eur/usd to go up…. my fellow thor news space travelers, if you want good money and have a basis in trading (watch out for the margin calls, don't bet everything) you probably should buy now EUR/USD and stop loss at 100 pips and take profit 240 or 200 pips if you want to go safer. if you follow my anonymous advice (which you should) don't move your stop losses or close the position if its not going how you expected, IF it happens just wait until the shit hits the fan. don't move stop losses on this one. Buy now eur/usd, 100 pips SL 240 TP. (make sure you have enough money to move at lesat 90 pips agaisnt you) you are welcome. after following my advice and cash in thumbs up this comment lol probably gonna get lots of likes, it will make a lill smile on my face, without showing teeth lol for more financial advice, don't bother me with messages. i will share my technical analysis and experience and post a good low risk/high reward trade everytime my friend here thor makes a video about economics :P

adam raski says:

that graph is whatever they program it to do might as well be space invaders…. Good vid Thor

gingersleep says:

Weird. I couldn't pronounce volatility at first so I went to look up how, then when I came back the word looks different and easy to pronounce. Can someone explain this phenomenon?

dario il diario says:

Actually, China knows that America has to bankrupt and waited quite some time, as Russia trying to contain panic and staying silent, even with the pressures by Europe pushed by USA/NATO… it's sad but true: American Economy can only fall, and this time might be The One.

(Machiavelli said that bad news must be told all together, so i guess this is the tip of some iceberg, and there's something we don't know…)

Heal Our Planet Earth says:

Bloomberg bright'eyes, alien or maybe contact lens…?

Bizzare77777 says:

Yes I was getting into the video until this dude started talking! Disliked!

Crystal Blankenheim says:

QE Karma creates more *QE…

Rocky Brook says:

Excellent, A+, fantastic job on this video bro! Fu#king epic and really informative!

Ada Wong says:


Chris D says:

thor. thank you. it is easy to forget with all this fluff media about trump and sanders and hillary and gun control. that it is in fact money that motivates and money that moves the world. money. the prime motivation. all the rest are circus games.

SkiingCommando says:

Hahaha and the numbers aren't real… Hahahhaha

teal eyes says:

ever considered the drop n stocks is the way for the elite to scare common folk to sell off so they can own all patients and companies


The only buyers are the sharks, with lots of money, waiting to devour bargain basement stocks.  This is a correction, not an economic collapse. If it does take a huge nose dive, it will be when we least expect it.

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