Make $12,000 Day Trading Penny Stocks in 1 Day with Cameron Fous

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I teach people how to make bank trading penny stocks using the fous4 strategy @


Kutub Talukder says:

Checkout my Live Trades

Billy P says:

Wht platform do you recommend

Luis Acevedo says:

Who's next* on the intro Come on bro…

javier brown says:

Hey Bro I'm from San Diego too. Looks like Mission Beach are even La Jolla Cove. I Live In LA Mesa. I am currently a OTR Truck driver and I Hate being on the Road all the time away from my Wife and son I wanted to Know how start off with your Seminars ?

Thomas Malloy says:

+Charles Lupica If one of the penny stocks you invest in gain over 30% in a few days, try to sell some or all of your shares. E.g. if you’re up 150% on a trade, sell 80% of your shares and let the rest ride to capture more upside with less risk.

Muscle1995Man says:

I have been looking everywhere and i still cannot find it 

Muscle1995Man says:

Hay whats up.. I was wondering what platform are you using to trade with

Yhek Yet says:

this guy is the real deal! 

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