Make money day trading stocks – $2,150 in 40 min. – Meir Barak

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How to make money by day trading stocks – $2,400 in 40 minutes.
Meir Barak day trading live on May 5th. 2016.

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abdul basit says:

sir can tell that per share how much money they want

Eric Yang says:

Thank you for another video Meir, what time frame do you use trading the open?

Stars Galaxies says:

I was able to catch the KSS reversal a bit earlier so I was able to make money. I love your method. Never seen a method with so much success rate. I am serious. I use your method almost everyday and I make money most of the time. Unless I act like an idiot later and trade something to give away what I make in first 20 min.

Andrew Kelly says:

Thanks Meir, Great trades.

Japheth Kisangau says:

Which broker do you use?

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