Make Money In A Stock Market Crash

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If you want to find out how to make money in a stock market crash then in this video I will show you which investments actually gain in value when the stock …


PensionCraft says:

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Przemek Ch. says:

Just in time. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Poland.

Fuscle Fuscle says:

Very interesting, going long vol could be a good hedge with current high valuations & the US election coming. Another non-correlated investment which is out of fashion & no one much talks about is trend following which can make money in bear markets. I’ve taken up a position in the Montlake Dunn WMA fund I think it could be a good alternative investment in these times.

saeed hassan says:

what a great video, thanks for explaining this so well.

Summer Kipps says:

great stuff as usual

Churchills Cat says:

Why not just buy an inverse ETF S&P tracker. It goes up when the stock market goes down.

gerry2828 kelly says:

I'm looking more into studying the markets now and am using you as bench mark in trying to understand what is BS and what is not. Last 2 years I built a sizable physical position in gold (not your thing I know) that's locked in now so this year I'm building a very robust cash position and doing what I did before buying gold, studying studying studying. I am going to watch your backlog and educate myself. I am invested in a couple of funds but I need to increase my exposure in the coming years in a measured way. This decision would become a lot easier if there was a major market correction over the next 12 months. I don't know much but the markets are overvalued, rely too much on government stimulus and the yields on bonds if we're being honest are a worry, economic outlook is poor and government/corporate debt is at all times high. Im not going to rush in, as I enjoy the learning process and look forward gleaning your knowledge👍🤗🤧😷

Mouxbar says:

You could just short an index via an ETF as an alternative? Less complex, and can be leveraged. Can't see the advantage here although appreciate the education 🙂

John Doe says:

Attention. Attention. All those wearing brown trousers please make your way to the elevator. Next stop the basement.

Hop says:

Quality information, a bit overwhelming for me though.

Ulrike Schulz says:

Yessss! I started investing when COVID started. Now I just have to be strong when the next one occurs 😉

Kenji Wright says:

I found your channel about a week ago and instantly subscribed.
Since then I'm absolutely astounded to find such a brilliant, fact based finance channel as yours
among all the other clickbait BS of know-nothings.
Keep up the good work 🙂

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