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What makes markets go up and down and crash, and how can you profit by them, or at least not lose your shirt.


Smokin' Briar says:

Great video Kel. I have been thinking about getting into Silver, but don't know a thing about buying or selling it. As for Gold, like cutlery lover said….too rich for my blood!
It seems like every street corner around here has "Buy/sell Gold shop" on it!

243wayne1 says:

Excellent video Kel!  You should do more videos on the economy and markets!  They would be a big hit.  PS.  Get ready for kick off in 40min. at Grizzly Stadium.  Our 4 time in a row champion NDSU Bison are playing your Grizzlies this afternoon!  Should be a great game  27,000 fans expected!  Maybe your there!

cutlerylover says:

If I knew Obama would have the cash for clunkers program I would have bought as many junker cars as I could to sell them now at 3 times their real value, lol used car markets is insane these days, by me its unheard of to find a running car of any type for under $1000.;..that program fucked the used car market

cutlerylover says:

Ahhh I love me some Silver, gold sure just too rich for my blood to invest, but silver, cant get enough!

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